Greek Time

I am Greek! Greek people have their own time. Americans eat dinner at 5 pm, Greeks eat at 10 pm (8 pm for us Greeks living in America). Greeks take naps in the middle of the day and go out at 9 pm instead of going to sleep. It is no wonder I can’t meet American-timed deadlines.

Grades for report cards are given to teachers from the first day of school, but  four times a year (3 times now . . . THANK YOU TRIMESTERS) I always asked for an extension. Eight in the morning was not happening. Not because it was an unreasonable request, but because this Greek needed until 3 pm. Greek time!

Like everything, I need more time. The baseball/softball league offers a discount if you register by January 31st, so I emailed on February 5th asking if it is too late to get the discount. They extended it.

Field trip form and money was due by February 28th the latest. I emailed the teacher and apologized that the form and money will be at school on Monday, March 4th.

The fact that my first Slice of Life writing is due on March 1st, and here it is March 1st and I posted my writing. This is a miracle! Or could it be that after 45 1/2 years in America, I am finally becoming Americanized? Well grades are due Tuesday at 8 am. Let’s see if I need an extension!


8 thoughts on “Greek Time

  1. Great first slice! According to 23&Me I have a lot of mixed European ancestry. Your blog confirmed what we’ve always suspected… I too must be Greek.


  2. I love how you embrace it. I may have a little of this in me as well but over the past year, I have learned that there are some not so flexible people in the world who are not willing to embrace lateness. I’ve been hurt by it so it’s been a little thing I’ve tried to correct about myself.


  3. This is great! I love the repetition of comparing the Americans and Greek culture. I would love a nap in the evening, but not sure I would have the energy to continue into the night (naps are hard to recover from!). Congrats on your first slice of life post 🙂


  4. Way to meet the deadline..I always find myself close to the night time deadline! Welcome to the challenge!


  5. Don’t forget about the extensions for the Learners Edge courses. You somehow always pull it off though! Good luck with the grades. Tomorrow is going to suck, that’s for sure!!


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