Love You

Today was spent driving from one place to another to another. The first stop was taking Tessie (my 10 year old) to Greek School. Then off to work on those essays and grades at my school, and then to Andrew’s (my 14 year old) All-Star Basketball Game.

Once the game ended and we were back in the car, I asked Andrew to call my niece Maggie (17 years old). Maggie volunteers on Saturdays at the Greek School in the preschool class. I wanted to know if Tessie was at her house or if she had dropped her off at my mom’s house.

After a short conversation, I hear Andrew say, “We are going to be at Yiayia’s house if you want to come by. Love you.”

I asked him if he always says “Love you” when talking to his cousins. He looked at me confused and replied, “Well I do love her, so why shouldn’t I tell her so she knows?”

How amazingly simple! If you love someone, tell them so they know.

John, my 15 year old, jumps into the conversation and says, “Yeah like when you tell me, ‘John you are so f’en annoying, but I love you anyway.’ That’s your way of making sure that even when I mess up you still love me.”

And just like that I realized I do tell my kids EXACTLY how I feel about them!

6 thoughts on “Love You

  1. I enjoyed the way you wrote this post, like a story! It leads up to the important message in a creative way. Love is such an important word and emotion so when you feel for it for family or another person, you must tell them often. Great reminder to send “I love you” texts to my family, friends, and boyfriend 🙂


  2. How beautiful. The world needs more of this: “How amazingly simple! If you love someone, tell them so they know.” My grandkids–whom we call “The Cousins” (there are nineteen of them) say and text love words and emoji .


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