Day 7: Shoes

Leaving for work this morning I tripped over my boys’ basketball shoes. I didn’t get upset about the fact that I tell them EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to put them away or at least to the side so I don’t kill myself and then they would have to bury me knowing that their laziness and their gym shoes killed me. I have told them the police would take their gym shoes because they would be considered a murder weapon. And they probably would never play basketball again because the guilt would eat at them . . .

YES! I go off on tangents and then spend time lecturing them!

But, today, I didn’t think about my death by size 11 basketball shoes, but instead how willing Pete and I are to spend $100 on each pair of basketball shoes for our kids because they “need” them, but yet I have needed work shoes for months but because they are not on sale, I have waited. I refuse to pay $89 for shoes that I will wear EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to work and when I go out. I have told myself, “Spring is right around the corner and I won’t be wearing them since I will be wearing my sandals.”

As I was walking into school I got a text from Tessie, “Um, do you think we can go buy some new boots for school and church because mine don’t fit anymore. I have the Nordstrom tab open with some boots in the shopping bag.”

So although spring is right around the corner, I text back, “Sure. We can look at them tonight and decide which ones you want.”

6 thoughts on “Day 7: Shoes

  1. Classic Kouts lecture! And great use of the repetition of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
    I’m with you on always putting my kids before myself. They each have at least 10 pairs of shoes and I still buy more. Meanwhile, I’m over here in the same boots I’ve had since August, wearing them out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Let me send you my Nordstrom’s list šŸ™‚


  2. You deserve some new shoes, mama! I get it- my little one has all kinds of cute new shoes for spring and I haven’t even thought about that for myself. Mom always comes last, right?! Your voice is so clear in your writing- such a fun-and easy to relate to read!


  3. it can be hard not to give in – and with constantly growing kids, they need new things every few months. I really enjoyed the repetition (it showed your frustration very well).


  4. I could totally hear your voice impersonating Tessie! As moms we always but our kids’ needs in front of our own. I want to open a Nordstrom tab…


  5. I totally get that! I have had my winter shoes in my basket for the past year and a half. Yet, I’ve gotten all the things my kid needs for water polo. That’s parenting and we’re blessed to be able to do the things for them.


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