Day 8: Date Night

Date Nights are a rarity when you have three kids. Not for myself and my husband. We get date nights when the kids are sleeping over at Yiayia’s (grandma’s) house, or having a cousin sleepover, or when my nephew or niece are willing to hang out with their cousins for a few hours.

But date night with my oldest is rare. Usually the two boys are hanging out with Pete watching a game and eating pizza or wings while I hang out with Tessa at Panera’s or at home snuggling on the couch. Or I have both boys while Pete is spending some daddy/daughter time together. Having the two boys so close in age (14 months apart), they are usually together.

Tonight Andrew is at a friend’s birthday party and Tessa did not want to go to Tuscan Tavern (she prefers Panera’s), so John asked if he could use his Christmas present from 2017 – a coupon for a date night. We headed out leaving Pete and Tessa behind, dropped off Andrew at the birthday party, and headed for our Italian dinner.

We enjoyed every minute together! We were talking about school (his and mine) and sharing funny stories that I passed up the restaurant. Once I found my way through the residential streets and back to the restaurant, we sat and talked about anything that he wanted to, without interruptions, and without having to fight or wait for my attention.

I love my John Boy and his wonderful sense of humor! I love that he left two forkfuls of food and said, “Well I don’t want to look like a pig.” When the waitress came by to pick up our dishes, John asked, “Could I take mine to go? And could we see the dessert menu?”

“Seriously? You have two bites left. You are going to take it home for tomorrow?” I asked.

“Tomorrow? No I am going to eat it when I get home. I told you I didn’t want to look like a pig.”

I told him I would like to get Tiramisu for dessert and he replied, “Mom, you can get whatever you want. I am getting the chocolate cake.” At 7:34 pm the waitress placed the dessert on the table and he took a picture of it to send to my sisters and his cousins. I then sent a 2nd picture at 7:36 pm.

7:34 pm
7:36 pm

He laughed, shrugged, and said, “I will be sure to leave two bites so I can eat it after the rest of my pasta. You know, I don’t want to look like a pig!”

We laughed the entire way home! I loved my date night! I love my John Boy!

5 thoughts on “Day 8: Date Night

  1. I love that you go on date nights with your kiddos- this is so sweet. Having three kids it is so important to give them that undivided attention to really see how great they are and what a great mom you are. I hope he enjoyed his last bites when he got home! His dessert looked delicious!


  2. How adorable that he cashed in his 2017 coupon to spend some time with you (and some delicious food). I can’t wait to hear which expensive steakhouse your boys take their first dates on. Tell them to start saving now as I have noticed they have pretty expensive taste.

    Super sweet slice that you will be grateful you captured in years to come.


  3. Family time is so important! And making sure you have individual kid time is even more so – it can be tough to build a strong relationship with each child if the whole family or at least the siblings are always together. I’m glad you had such a nice dinner with your son 🙂


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