Day 13 – Door Duty

“Get in line so we can go in. The bell just rang. Fourth grade, we will start with you. Mr. McTeague’s class head on in.” I continued to let in the other fourth grade, the two fifth grades, and then I got to sixth grade. “OK. Mrs. Ebeling’s group, go on in.”

“Why are we always last? It’s because you don’t want us in your class, isn’t it?” asked the last student in line (one of my challenging students) even though there were only four students in line at the time, three of which don’t ever cause problems.

Oh great! Our day is already starting with the questioning and combative behavior. “Well, our lockers are closest to the door, so I always let the classes furthest away in first. Besides, have you ever heard the saying, ‘save the best for last’?” I smiled at him as I said these words.

As we walked in, I stopped to let him go in front of me. He turned, smiled and said, “Ladies first.”

I smiled back at him, “Thank you! Even though you only did that so you can be last and be the BEST! I saw what you did there.”

He laughed and so did I – hopefully it will be a good day after all.

5 thoughts on “Day 13 – Door Duty

  1. Well played. It is so easy to sometimes get upset and stoop down to their level. I love that you kept your calm and turned it into something he liked. That literally probably changed his whole attitude for the day.


  2. Great job settling down the moment! Kids have very little patience and often assume that they are “always last” – but way to put a positive spin on it! And bond with the child at the same time 🙂


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