Day 14 – Common Courtesy

Emails go home, handouts go home, reminders go home about conference times. Yet, people still show up 20 minutes late and want their full half hour. Unfortunately, I am on a schedule and I need to have common courtesy for the parents that scheduled a time that works for them and showed up on time (and in some cases a few minutes early).

I say everything that needs to be said in the 10 minute window given to me and then I stand up, say goodnight, and begin walking to the door. They decide to keep sitting, talk to their child about the report I just gave. Thoughts run through my head . . . Are you seriously that oblivious to the fact that there is a family waiting outside for their conference? You do realize that YOU were late, not me! Well, I can be just as rude as you are being.

“Hi! Thanks for coming.”

“Do you need more time with the parent that is in your room still?”

“No, our conference is finished and now it is your scheduled time.” I walk into the room with my next conference. “Sorry, but it’s their conference time and they have another appointment after me and I don’t want to be inconsiderate of their time.”

The parent looks at me, “OK. Sorry.”

Just asking for some common courtesy, for others and for everyone’s time!


3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Common Courtesy

  1. Jenny, you make me laugh! It’s so true that some people are oblivious. I had to cut off a long winded mom that would not stop and went at least 5 minutes over her time. I finally said, “I am going to go check on my next conference.”

    I do think that people are more aware now that the do an intercom message every 15 minutes.


  2. Ugh, I know what you mean. Most parents are very considerate. But there are always those few who think that their child is more important than all others. Frustrating!


  3. This happens all the time! We had parents just not show up at all (even with email reminders from the surgery site they signed up on). And parents who go over the time without caring at all. Some parents are very timely and keep track of the conference time. But mostly, they don’t :p


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