Day 19: What Would You Like?

Tessa is crafty! She likes to bake and decorate the cake and cupcakes. She makes slime. She paints canvases. She uses washi tape, glitter, glue, paints, beads, and anything else she can get her dad to buy her at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and sneak it into the house before I see it.

Every night the kids, and honestly Pete and I too, want something sweet to eat for dessert. Well, it’s not enough for Tessa to just ask us, “What do you want for dessert?” She needs to make a menu. The menu changes based on what is on-hand in the house.

Here is last night’s menu.

Dessert Menu for Dad, Mom, John (15), and Andrew (14)

Thankfully, the orders only consisted of ice cream and cookies.

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