Day 20: Sibling Love

I am cleaning up the kitchen, Tessa is making slime, John is playing Super Smash Bros, and Andrew is taking a shower.

I hear the water upstairs turn off. Not even two minutes later, I hear Andrew running down the stairs, “It burns, it burns, it burns!”

“What burns?” I ask nervously.

“My skin. It burns so bad.” Andrew has had extreme eczema since 2 months old. He grabs his steroid creams and the big white tub of Eucerin in hopes of calming his skin.

I hear a soothing buzzing sound and Tessa asking, “Does this feel better? Is this helping? Is this OK?”

“Oh, God, Tessie! Thank you! This is perfect. Oh my God, Tessie! Thank you!”

“It’s OK Drookie. I thought this would help.”

I walk into the family room to see Andrew in his underwear and Tessa is using a Super Wubble blower (it is used to blow up a huge bouncy ball) to blow cool air onto his skin to help cool it down.

They may not kiss or hug each other, they may call each other a$$h^!*, but deep down they love each other – – they just show it in different ways!


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