Day 22: Updates for Day 1-17

Updates from my previous posts:

Day 1: Greek Time

  • All 3 kids got signed up for baseball (even my daughter) but because I rushed I signed them all up for baseball instead of signing my daughter up for softball. Thankfully they let me move her to softball, where she wanted to be.
  • My son got to go to the field trip even though his money and form were turned in late.
  • Grades were done on time – no extension needed.
  • Only 3 slices have been posted after midnight (but it is only Day 22).

Day 3: Slime . . . UGH!

  • I have not gone to another slime convention, nor do I plan on going to another!

Day 7: Shoes

  • I finally ordered my shoes yesterday while I was out shopping with my daughter. And they were on sale! I told you I wasn’t going to pay $89 for them.

Day 8: Date Night

  • I have actual date nights planned with the other two. Andrew wants to go to a Salt cave (they say it will help with his asthma) and then Wildfire for steaks and Tessa wants to go for our nails, an escape room (her brothers are invited to that if they want), and Foodlife since it was closed yesterday.
  • John doesn’t care if it’s another date night or not, but he wants to go back for that chocolate cake!

Day 10: My Lost Hour

  • I am still trying to recover from losing that hour. Not the sleep part, but I am still carrying around in my bag the math packets and the character analysis essays. But spring break is less than a few hours away – – -I will get it done then!

Day 15: NO BUTTER!

  • The cupcakes and cake were a huge hit! It made the search for butter worthwhile, but I am still never doing that again . . . I think!

Day 16: Party

  • The party was a success. Now on to plan the family party.

Day 17: Being There for My Friend

  • Surgery went well!
  • We went to the hospital to visit and she was up and walking. She will hopefully be released this weekend!


7 thoughts on “Day 22: Updates for Day 1-17

  1. Love how you kept us posted and connected to your other posts! Enjoy spring break! I go back to work Monday.


  2. This is such a great idea and I may just have to copy this format! Thanks for all the updates and I am SO glad you finally treated yourself to some new shoes! 🙂


  3. Glad I found you. Tomorrow I am going back to read those original stories. My reply.
    Better late than never on the posts and I’ve always wanted to go to a salt cave… also asthma.


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