Day 26: Cousins (Part 1)

Sunday we (my 3 kids and I) went to an escape room and lunch with my sister’s two kids and my other sister’s one daughter and son.

That evening, I went with my daughter to my my brother-in-law’s house to spend time with his two kids (cousins from my husband’s side).

Today, my husband’s other brother brought over his three kids (7, 5, and almost 3) for a sleepover. They have been waiting for this day since the last time they slept over, last summer. As soon as they walked in Alex, 5, came right up to me and said, “Thea Jenny, I know that if we don’t behave we have to sleep in the garage so I made sure to tell Leo and Joanna to take a nap before coming over.”

When they slept over during the summer they were acting up and using, “Our mom and dad let us do this” as their reason to do whatever they wanted when I would correct their behavior (eating in the family room – only the kitchen in my house; jumping on couches – only for sitting on in my house; drinking Coke – only I do that in my house). So I told them, “If you want to come to my house you have to follow my rules or you can wait in the garage until your parents come to get you.”

Well, when they went home they told their mom, their dad, their Yiayia (my mother-in-law) that “You guys might joke around and tell us to do something but if we don’t nothing happens, but Thea Jenny, SHE DOESN’T JOKE! SHE IS SERIOUS!”

So here they are today, tonight, and into tomorrow, and knock on wood, they are being awesome! If tomorrow continues like today I told them we can have another sleepover over the summer! They huddled, whispered something to each other, said goodnight, and they are out!

My kids on the other hand, walked back down saying, “I can’t go to sleep this early. it’s not even midnight!”

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