Day 27: Power Outage

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today.

The sleepover with the cousins went well. My boys fed the kids cereal so I got to sleep in until 9. Who would have thought with 6 kids in the house I would be able to sleep in, but I did.

I was going to write about this Positive Education Class I am taking, but today I wasn’t as focused as I would have liked to be and definitely not focused enough to write a Slice of Life about it.

Toward the end of my online class, lights flickered, the washer and dryer stopped, my chrome froze. Then darkness. A minute later, the light returned.

I asked my husband to restart the washer and dryer as I reconnected the chrome to the wifi and logged back in to my class. Success.

Darkness! No flickering. No noise. Still and black. I had to think if I paid the electricity bill. I asked my husband, “They would at least send a ‘disconnection notice’ before disconnecting us wouldn’t they? I didn’t get anything.” I had to think when did I pay the bills. It was just a few weeks ago wasn’t it?

Then the texts come flooding in to my son’s phone. All their friends are without power. My mother-in-law, two miles away, is without power also.

So we walked around aimlessly wondering what to do without the power. We can’t watch TV, can’t be on the laptop or iPads, can’t read really (I need more than a small flashlight or candle as I get older). We couldn’t even put our feet up on our electric-powered recliners. I looked at my husband (I think he was looking at me), and I asked him, “What are we supposed to do now?”

He responded with a straight face, “I have watched plenty of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and when it got dark they closed their eyes and went to bed.”

My kids let out a groan followed by, “It’s not even midnight. How did they make the time pass when they would have to sleep so early?”

My husband told them, “I will wake you up at 5 am to do some chores. Let’s see if you stay up until midnight tomorrow night.”

With that, the lights came back on, I grabbed my chrome to start my Slice of Life writing, my husband continued watching ‘T.J. Hooker’, and the kids went back to the iPads.

Thank God we are “The Mid-Sized House in the Suburbs”!

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