Day 29: Cousins (Part 2)

Last night my sister’s two girls, Franny (10) and Alena (7) came to sleep over for a few nights. As soon as they walked in they started their conversations (my dad used to say, “They are like chickens just clucking all day long”). Not exactly sure what they were talking about, but I had my ideas.

I went up to bed at 10 and told them not to stay up too late. “We won’t!” They all three shouted at once.

Well not sure what time they ended up in bed, but it definitely was late because I had to force Tessie awake at ELEVEN! She ran downstairs to her cousins who were already working on the day’s plan.

At 1:00 they were ready! A Sidewalk Slime Shop in Oswego! They had their table set up with a table cloth, their slime individually packaged, business cards ready, and even a cash register made out of a shoe box (see picture below).

The “cash register”

The excitement came when the first car stopped and bought a slime. The devastation came when Tessie ran in annoyed, “We just got scammed! A lady only gave $1 instead of $3.”

“Not a big deal, Tessie. A lesson to learn – count your money before the customer leaves.”

“Tessie, she came back! She made a mistake!”

A smile spread across her face and ran back to her shop. Two little girls stopped and bought some, and then an older gentleman.

Andrew walks into the kitchen. “I just saved the girls from a 95 year old pedophile.”

“WHAT? What are you talking about?” I ask as I run to the garage door.

“Well, why else would a 95 year old want to buy slime from 3 little girls?”

In walks Franny. “Um, the older man wanted to know if we had any spoons, but I told him ‘I don’t suggest you eat it.’ Then he came back after 3 steps and asked us ‘What is this exactly?’ and we told him ‘It’s slime. You play with it.’ That’s when he said, ‘That’s why it tastes funny!'”

I looked at Andrew. “Now you know why a 95 year old bought slime. He thought it was food!” [Note: most of their slime have ‘food names’ – s’mores, fruity pebbles, butter, popcorn, hot chocolate. The gentleman ordered the “Fruity Pebbles”]

Monday they are moving the shop to my mom’s house in Western Springs! I told them to add a disclaimer *Slime is not edible.

11 thoughts on “Day 29: Cousins (Part 2)

  1. YESSSS to the disclaimer! I laughed out loud about the spoon/edible situation with the poor older gentleman. This is too funny! Your posts will be so fun to read with your family in a few years. You’ve captured some hilarious memories. Also, good for the young entrepreneurs. What a great way to spend their spring break!

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  2. I love this!!!! And I agree with Megan, definitely yes to the disclaimer!!!! Poor guy! And I love the cash register! Pretty darn resourceful! My sixth graders make slime (with and without glitter) but as far as I know, none of them have tried selling it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is always an adventure with your family, and I love hearing every second of it! Glad the old man didn’t have any issues after eating it, especially when they are asking how to get rid of dead bodies. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This had me smiling the whole time. I love that the cousins truly love spending time together. I can only imagine the girls’ faces when they found out this man ate their slime. Too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

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