Day 30: Updates for Day 18-29

Day 18: Checklists (Kid Version):

  • The checklist has a few things on it, but the kids are off until Wednesday so we might get their list completed!

Day 21: One Minute . . . One Lifetime:

  • Some days Tessie handles her Type 1 Diabetes like it’s nothing, other days IT handles her!
  • A note she wrote (Although waking up to this broke my heart, I am proud of her for voicing her feelings and waking up the next morning with a smile):

Day 23: Spring Break? Not from Greek School:

  • Tessie did not quit Greek School!

Day 25: Break = Work:

  • Although I feel like I did get a lot done, not EVERYTHING I wanted to complete got done so I guess I didn’t overwork myself this break!

Day 26: Cousins (Part 1):

  • The sleepover was a success (a few tears from the 2-year old, but done after 3 minutes)!
  • I saw my niece and nephews on Saturday and they told my kids they can’t wait for summer to sleep over again!

Day 28: Overwhelmed:

  • Luckily, the feeling was gone by the next day with my new checklist written.
  • Unfortunately, the feeling does creep back in every couple of days/weeks.

Day 29: Cousins (Part 2):

  • Tessie is all packed up with the Sidewalk Slime Shop stuff with labels for the different slime: Oreo Milk Thickie, Unicorn Rice-Krispies, Blue-Raspberry Popsicle, and Fruity Pebbles. She also made another sign: “Don’t ask for a spoon or fork because this is NOT FOOD, it is SLIME!”


One thought on “Day 30: Updates for Day 18-29

  1. Sending some T1 love to Tessie…its tough on kids! Good work giving her an avenue to be honest via writing! (I am a T1 too!) Just migrated to a tandem\G6 this past week.

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