Day 2: Heaven-Sent

My mom called me to check in on me. After a while she said, “He came back to visit.” I knew right away that she was talking about “her bird”.

My dad passed away in January 2019. After about a week, this little bird would come to her huge picture window and would tap his beak three times on the window and fly to the 2nd story windows of their bedroom and back down to the family room picture window. My mom told us a few things that brought chills to us (my two sisters and I).

  1. The majority of the birds that flew close to the window, didn’t realize it and unfortunately died (that one wasn’t so surprising because we have witnessed this happen).
  2. The first 40 days when someone passes away their spirit visits their family and friends.
  3. The bird first showed up at 8:15 am (the time my parents would have their morning coffee together, then it would fly away and come back again at 5:30 pm (the same time they would have their Greek coffee together).
  4. It is January and there weren’t any other birds seen or heard in the neighborhood.

I told her well, the weather has been nice the last few days so maybe the birds are back. She said, “Well he came back today at 8:15 this morning. Tapped his beak three times and flew up to the second story and back down again. I asked him if he wanted coffee, and he tapped his beak three times again.”

I replied to her, “It’s dad, checking to make sure you are OK.” My mom has always been religious, and raised us in the church. Part of me believes “Birds come back to Chicago in the spring, Mom; but the other part of me says, “Thanks for sending mom a message of love and checking on her, Dad!”


14 thoughts on “Day 2: Heaven-Sent

  1. Well this made me cry. I lost my dad in 2016 and it still feels like yesterday. I’m still waiting for a sign like this, and I love that your mom has received a message in the form of a bird. Is it by any chance a cardinal? A friend gave me a rock with a cardinal painted on it- apparently when you see one it’s a representation of a lost loved one. Thanks for sharing something so personal and so sweet.

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    1. It is not a cardinal. just a simple, plain brown little bird. I am praying you get a message from your dad. Losing a parent is the worst pain I have felt (I know there are worse things, but I haven’t experienced them). Sending you my love!


  2. I absolutely believe in this. When Josh’s best friend passed away from cancer his son (7 at the time) asked him how he would know if he was there? He told him to look for the blue jays. The following spring he signed up for baseball and it turned out that he was on the Blue Jays team… I believe it is all for a reason. Love you.

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    1. What a sweet message for that sweet young boy from his dad! I think our beliefs in these signs is what keeps us going, so I am willing to take it!
      Thank you my friend! I love you too!


  3. 😩 Going to bed crying reading this and Cassie’s reply. I’m so happy your mom has him around still. He’s definitely still checking in on her.

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