Day 4: Snuggle Time

My sweet Tessie has been waiting since Friday to snuggle with me. “Mama, I already had the flu 3 weeks ago. I won’t get it again.”

“Tessie, that’s not the way it works. I can’t get you sick again. I worry because it also messes with your blood sugar level.”

“OK, but promise me when you get better, I will be the first person you snuggle with.”

Being fever-free and heading back to work tomorrow, I let her sit next to me on the couch. Her smile is so big and she can’t stop saying, “I am so glad we can snuggle again. We should watch something and snuggle all night!”

Yes, yes we should Tessie! So The Masked Singer and snuggles with some hot chocolate is our plan for tonight (and I was just given a 4-minute warning)!

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