Day 16: Under Scheduled is NOT a Bad Thing

When my kids were little, my sister would ask me what activities are the kids doing. I told her that they are in T-ball, and later baseball and Tessie liked gymnastics. Since she had her three kids in multiple activities each, she felt like my one activity per kid was detrimental to them and their socialization (or so her tone and disapproving look said). I never scheduled lots of play dates for my kids. They spent many days playing with their cousins, their siblings, or alone.

Well, here we are. Kids are grown (12, 15, and 16)! When many parents are freaking out about what can they do with their kids these next few weeks because things are cancelled and places are closed, my kids, who have been under-scheduled ALL their life (including now), and I are taking a lunch break from our E-Learning and playing volleyball WITH A BALLOON from Tessie’s party! They aren’t whining, “There’s nothing to do!” or “I’m bored!”

So under-scheduling isn’t such a bad thing because they are used to unstructured down time and figuring it out on their own OR could it be that they aren’t complaining because they have seen my “Things to Do” list and they don’t want me to put them to work?

10 thoughts on “Day 16: Under Scheduled is NOT a Bad Thing

  1. Like and appreciate this post a lot!! I too make sure that Reese has something extracurricular going on-basically a lot for me is being active. Cheerleading Monday’s and Tumbling Tuesday’s. Art club after school on Thursday’s. These are what she likes and wants to do and had asked to do. Now I will remember this post when people ask what she does and then respond “that’s all? She’s got time to do more.” Definitely something to be said about your thoughts in this post 🙂


  2. These strange happenings make me glad my kids are older. My youngest-17 year old boy-is loving the sleeping in. I’m going to have to prevent that from becoming a thing over the next few weeks! 😀


    1. Oh yeah! Sunday my kids woke up at noon because I yelled at them to wake up!

      Today they woke up at 11. I will start wearing them off the late sleep-ins on the 25th in case they go back on the currently-scheduled March 31st.

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  3. Knowing your kids, they know exactly how to get out of doing the things they don’t want to do. Not having to do a million things is nice, but it is only day one. In a week I will be wishing we had their sports to go to, just to get out of this house!


  4. So true! I know my kids always seem busy, but it is one thing at a time. They are not overbooked. They often prefer time home alone and do not constantly ask to play with friends. They play together, we hang out together, and lately occupy themselves alone. Jessie gets on her trampoline and paint. Jax works out downstairs or plays basketball. I never get “I’m bored!” If anything, my kids love our lazy days. This break may challenge them though, we’ll see.

    Your day sounds fun. Enjoy it while you can! 🙂


  5. I love this post, especially about the balloon. Balloons are very entertaining. Under scheduled is the way to go! I haven’t had my kids enrolled in anything since December and I am thankful that I’m not running around trying to make them active. I figured…there’s plenty of you…play together.


  6. I am looking forward to slowing down the pace here and enjoying us spending our time a little differently with each other. Once the ban lifts it will become fast and furious again!


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