Day 7: A Day of Rest

Sunday is a day of rest, but only if you didn’t rest on Saturday.

I had all the best intentions – I even took my work computer with me when I went to visit my mom, but I hadn’t seen my mom in a week so we talked, caught up, grabbed lunch, and talked some more. Then my sisters came over and we had to tell them all the stuff we had just finished talking about with my mom. After our 5 hour visit, the kids and I began our 40 minute drive home. “When we get home, I have to work on my school stuff,” I warned them.

“Go ahead. We don’t bother you. You’re the one that is on the phone with your friends or reading a book or taking a nap or doing laundry. We’re just gaming.”

They aren’t lying, My kids are not the distraction. My motivation is.

We walk in the door and I as soon as I see my husband is home from work already I start, “I don’t have anything for dinner . . .”

“That’s OK. We can go out or if you have work to do we can just order something for delivery or I’ll pick it up.”

I KNOW what my response should be, but I respond, “No, let’s go out. we haven’t gone out in awhile. I can work on my stuff when we get home.”

Once we got home I was on the phone with my girlfriend, throwing in a few loads of laundry, before I settled on the couch to read a book that I’ve been meaning to start for over a month now.

Since Saturday was my day of rest, Sunday cannot be my day of rest.


7 thoughts on “Day 7: A Day of Rest

  1. Yes, only one rest day. I totally feel this. But you hung with family and that is recharging too. Too bad that work gets in the way of all of that. lol

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  2. I totally agree!! It is my motivation that is my distraction too. I can’t even count how many hundreds of times I drive my school bag home on a Friday with all these big plans for my schoolwork just to drive it back on Monday morning without it even coming into the house

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  3. Two sentences I love because of their contrast: Sunday is a day of rest, but only if you didn’t rest on Saturday. My kids are the distraction, my motivation is. Both so true on any given weekend!

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  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mother and sisters! Motivation is my distraction as well. I have really been trying to be nicer to myself and allow myself more than one day of rest (if possible)!

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  5. I love that you always make what important a priority! The work and classes will eventually get done. The stuff you did when you “rested” is definitely more important!


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