Day 27: At First We May Not Know

Tessie’s 3-year Diaversary (anniversary of her diabetes diagnosis) was last week, but one of her surprises was taking place today. Breakfast with Mrs. Klick, her 1st grade teacher.

We got lucky ten years ago when John was placed in Mrs. Klick’s class. He just adored her and she adored him. We got even luckier four years later when Tessie got to be in 1st grade with Mrs. Klick. She had a fabulous year and she too adored Mrs. Klick. Actually, I have yet to meet a student or family that doesn’t adore her.

Three years ago when Tessie was diagnosed as a 4th grader, there were times that she could not go to P.E. or recess because her blood sugar levels were too low so she would have to sit in the nurse’s office. Anytime Mrs. Klick walked by and saw her, she would stop and visit with Tessie, missing out on her own lunch or plan time. As a working parent, you always hope that your child is being taken care of and loved by their teachers when they are in their care. Although Mrs. Klick was no longer her teacher, she loved Tessie like her own.

Over the years we have become close friends. As we share stories, we realize that we have similar upbringings and our parents instilled the same values in us that we are now passing on to our children. She shares Tessie’s love of baking and they often share recipes and we share our Greek traditions and foods with her and her family.

Mrs. Klick is Tessie’s greatest advocate! They have designed t-shirts for the past 2 years for the Type 1 Diabetes walk, as well as showing up and walking to support Tessie. We are forever grateful for her support and love.

In 2010, we may not have known why John was placed in Mrs. Klick’s class, but three years ago I realized why!

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