Day 28: Cousin Sleepovers

Day 1 of spring break (Saturday) consisted of Franny and Alena coming over to spend the day with us and ended with Franny sleeping over. Franny and Tessie are 3 months apart. They are both in 7th grade. They were together 4 days a week from the time they were born until the year they went to Kindergarten. After that it was once a week, on Saturdays, while at Greek School. So these breaks are always welcomed when they can be reunited for more than just a few hours.

Today (Sunday) we went to my mom’s while the boys played basketball. The plan was to leave by 7 pm, but of course we didn’t. As we started to say our goodbyes Tessie comes and whispers in my ear, Um, would it be ok of I slept over by Franny’s? Titi (my younger sister)said it is ok with her as long as I have enough insulin in my pump and I checked and I have plenty for overnight and even breakfast.

As I kiss Tessie goodnight she once again begins to whisper in my ear, Um, would it be ok if Franny and Alena sleep over at our house tomorrow night because Titi is going to help Thea (my older sister) feed the homeless so they would be bored being at Yiayia’s (grandma – my mom) house all day?

One sleepover is never enough . . . and it’s only 2 days into spring break!

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