Day 1: Looking Back Before Moving Forward

March 1st means Slice of Life writing begins again. Year four. As I logged into my blog to begin writing, I started to scroll all the back and read my previous posts. All 31 posts from each of the last three years. Some of the posts about my dad or Tessie being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes brought me to tears, others made me smile, and many made me laugh out loud, but all of them made me proud. I’m not a fan of writing, so the fact that I wrote 93 posts and commented even more times than that, is a big deal. I enjoyed looking back at my life over the last 3 years – I barely wrote about covid, masks, or quarantines back in 2020!

Although I enjoyed looking back . . . I’m ready to move forward! Hopefully on March 1, 2023 I will enjoy looking back over four years’ worth of posts. I am looking forward to reading posts and getting a glimpse into others’ lives and thinking.

Happy Slicing!


5 thoughts on “Day 1: Looking Back Before Moving Forward

  1. I think it’s Year Ten for me! And every year, I wonder, on day one, whether I have enough to say to write for 31 days. And then, before I know it, it’s April!!!

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