Day 3: Lunch Date

I usually eat lunch in my classroom. Most days I don’t even have a lunch to eat. Some days I work, but some days I just mindlessly check my phone or stare into space, enjoying the silence. Some days I head to the teachers’ lounge to socialize with my colleagues.

One day after lunch in the lounge, listening to conversation that I decided it was best for me to shut my mouth and listen as opposed to speak, I remembered how much I prefer the silence over annoying conversation.

That evening a text came through. Do you normally eat in your room?

Usually I don’t have lunch. LOL! But if I know you are down there, I’ll come down to see you!

I was going to say we should eat together once a week!

So once or twice a week I enjoy lunch in my classroom with my friend. We talk about our moms, our kids, and life. We try not to talk about school, work, or students. This is our time to catch up with very little silence during those 20 minutes.

I LOVE our lunch dates!


6 thoughts on “Day 3: Lunch Date

  1. You know I love some social time at work.. but I also love a little bit of quiet when all I’ve been doing is talking for the past 3 hours.

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  2. I love time with friends at lunch! But I do feel like the lounge sometimes is not the best place to relax. I love my 20 min of quiet, or having lunch with chosen friends. We all need that break!

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  3. This teachers’ lounge was a topic of convo this past week for the Happiness IU. We were covering chapter 7- the social investment. It can be a place we enjoy going as well as a place we prefer to avoid. Good for you for going! And it sounds like the silver lining is the special lunch dates that will come from that one visit to the lunch room!

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  4. I don’t always feel comfortable with the “lounge talk”. I go to connect with colleagues, but I wish I could sometimes eat in my classroom so that I could catch up on school work while I eat. However, this year our students are eating in the classroom instead of in the gym so I can’t go to my room until they go to recess. Lunch with a friend once a week to catch up sounds pleasant. Enjoy!

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