Day 4: A Memory at the Door

On my drive home I usually call my mom or one of my sisters. Today my sister called me. As I drove up to my house I stayed in the car to finish our call to avoid the interruption from the phone disconnecting from the car back to my phone. When it seemed like my sister was finishing up her thought, I opened the garage door. I told her I just pulled in and I had a lot to carry so I ended the call with a “talk to you later”.

As I looked up, I saw Andrew waiting at the door. I realized he heard the garage door open, but didn’t hear or see me for the few minutes it took me to finish my call, get the mail, and grab my bags form the car.

A memory came rushing at me from many years ago, when my boy was little and he would be waiting for me to walk through the door so we can talk and play and snuggle. 🥰

This is who was waiting for me . . .
This is who I saw ❤

11 thoughts on “Day 4: A Memory at the Door

  1. I love this! Even when they are older, they still love their mom! Jessie stands in the garage like that every day when I come home from work. I hope that lasts awhile longer!

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