Day 24: Drop-Off

My two boys, John (18) and Andrew (17), and I are on the way to school. I drop them off every morning before I head to work. There tends to be a bit of traffic at 7:00 since school starts at 7:20.

The banter begins. I don’t remember what was said or who started it (probably me) but I playfully smack John’s chest.

John: “What did you do that for?”

Me: “You need to pay attention when you’re driving. You didn’t even notice my hand coming for you. How are you going to notice a whole car?”

John: “Dude, I’m not even driving! Mom! Don’t test me. I’m going to smack you back.”

The look on his face makes me laugh hysterically.

Andrew: “I can bet you no other car in this line is having a conversation like this.”

Me: “What? You mean all of them laughing together?”

Andrew: “No! A kid threatens to smack his mom and the mom is laughing hysterically.”

Me: “Yeah! I can guarantee you no one is laughing at that. But then again, no one is looking at John’s face!”

We pull up and both boys open their doors.

“Bye, Mom! Love you!” they both say.

“Love you, my boys.”

We definitely share a lot of laughs in our house (and car).

*For those that do not know me or my family – none of my children would ever hit anyone (except their siblings), let alone one of their parents.*

8 thoughts on “Day 24: Drop-Off

  1. Love this and could totally picture it. Your kids always sound like great kids. For those who don’t know you, I don’t think anyone would get by with hitting you! Why would they want to. Keep enjoying these last few days we have with our Seniors. Man they grew up too fast.

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