Day 26: It Can’t Go On Like This!

Thursday night I made plans to meet my sister because we need to go over some paperwork for my mom. We decided to meet at my husband’s restaurant so we could get some breakfast while we work and keep the kids from complaining that they want to leave.

We got there at 10:00 am and placed our order – french toast and bacon for my sister and me, a skillet, pancakes, and BLT for the kids.

Tessie sends a picture in our family (my nieces, my nephew, my sisters, my kids, and me) group text of my niece with her platter of french fries. My older sister responds, “Looks good. Georgie and I are heading to Blueberry Hill for lunch.”

I replied back, “That’s where we’re at. Hurry up so we can say hi before we leave.”

Twenty minutes later the kids are ready to leave so we wait by the front door for them. Once they showed up, my youngest niece said a quick hello and was ready to go, so they said their goodbyes and left.

My older sister looked sad that we weren’t going to stay with them. To John and Tessie’s dismay, I relented, “I’m staying for 20 minutes and then we’re leaving. I already had to wake them up at 8:45 on Day 1 of spring break.”

When the waitress came by she asked if I wanted to order something. “Sure. I’ll have a BLT, no tomato.”

“You’re eating again?” Tessie asked, judgmentally.

“Again? This is the first time I’m eating lunch. I had breakfast earlier.”

“Earlier? You mean 45 minutes ago?” John replied.

I cannot continue to eat like this. 🤐

I cannot continue to be judged like this, either! 😬


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