Day 29: Spring Break Benefits

Spring break has the typical benefits that everyone is aware of like sleeping in, going to bathroom whenever you get the urge (and not having to wait for lunch or your planning period), eating out, going on a trip, and getting things accomplished that otherwise would have to wait until summer.

For my kids and me, spring break brings about the benefit of my sister coming over and making some Greek treats for us for lunch. My kids are rarely awake before 2 pm, but today they were awake by noon anticipating what Titi was going to make for us.

In walks Christina with Greek fries, her own frying pans, olive oil, Greek cheeses, tomatoes, fresh bread, eggs, and Motion (a fruit drink the kids love).

She made us French fries, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, saganaki, crushed tomatoes and burrata on Italian bread, and Greek pizza (pizza dough with olive oil and crumbled feta cheese. It was amazingly delicious!

A few hours later John called and asked if we did anything today. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that being away at college caused him to miss out on Titi’s Greek lunch. She is going to have to make another one once all the college kids are back home for the summer.


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