Day 6: Relaxing

Friday nights are for relaxing! The boys are playing their video games, Tessie is drawing in her journal, Pete is cooking, and I am laying on the couch under my electric blanket watching TV.

The best Friday nights are the ones that don’t hold any plans. Catching up on relaxing. Catching up on family time. Allowing our minds and bodies to relax is needed and necessary.

So tonight we relax before the busyness of Saturday and Sunday take over. We relax before the next work and school week start up again.

7 thoughts on “Day 6: Relaxing

  1. I love that you are relaxing tonight! I am quite sure you do not do that enough. Enjoy it.
    I hope you are feeling better….I didn’t even ask you today…..why are our days always so busy?
    Enjoy the weekend!


  2. I LOVE weekends when I have minimal plans. It does not happen very frequently so enjoy the time you have to relax. God knows we need it.


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