Day 23: Spring Break? Not from Greek School

“Wake up! Let’s go! We are going to be late, again!”

“Wait. What? It’s the first day of spring break. Why do we have to wake up so early?”

“Spring break from American School, not Greek School. You know that Tessie.”

She pushes herself to get out of bed and start getting ready. When she passes her brothers’ rooms and sees them still sleeping, she shouts for them to wake up. I hear the screams, “It’s spring break! Why are you waking me up?”

“Because I have to go to Greek School and dad is at work so you have to come with me and mom. But if you let me quit Greek School, I wouldn’t have to go today and you wouldn’t have to wake up.” Tessie is giving her brothers attitude because they finished Greek School after 6th grade. She wanted to finish when they did, but she was only in 3rd grade. Both boys were not going to let her get out of doing her last three years since they couldn’t get out of it.

John comes into my room half asleep, “Is it too late for Tessie to quit Greek School right now?

Day 22: Updates for Day 1-17

Updates from my previous posts:

Day 1: Greek Time

  • All 3 kids got signed up for baseball (even my daughter) but because I rushed I signed them all up for baseball instead of signing my daughter up for softball. Thankfully they let me move her to softball, where she wanted to be.
  • My son got to go to the field trip even though his money and form were turned in late.
  • Grades were done on time – no extension needed.
  • Only 3 slices have been posted after midnight (but it is only Day 22).

Day 3: Slime . . . UGH!

  • I have not gone to another slime convention, nor do I plan on going to another!

Day 7: Shoes

  • I finally ordered my shoes yesterday while I was out shopping with my daughter. And they were on sale! I told you I wasn’t going to pay $89 for them.

Day 8: Date Night

  • I have actual date nights planned with the other two. Andrew wants to go to a Salt cave (they say it will help with his asthma) and then Wildfire for steaks and Tessa wants to go for our nails, an escape room (her brothers are invited to that if they want), and Foodlife since it was closed yesterday.
  • John doesn’t care if it’s another date night or not, but he wants to go back for that chocolate cake!

Day 10: My Lost Hour

  • I am still trying to recover from losing that hour. Not the sleep part, but I am still carrying around in my bag the math packets and the character analysis essays. But spring break is less than a few hours away – – -I will get it done then!

Day 15: NO BUTTER!

  • The cupcakes and cake were a huge hit! It made the search for butter worthwhile, but I am still never doing that again . . . I think!

Day 16: Party

  • The party was a success. Now on to plan the family party.

Day 17: Being There for My Friend

  • Surgery went well!
  • We went to the hospital to visit and she was up and walking. She will hopefully be released this weekend!

Day 21: One Minute . . . One Lifetime

One minute I am teaching my 6th graders writing; the next minute the school secretary comes into my classroom to tell me my husband is on the phone.

One minute I am annoyed because a kid got sick and he can’t leave work to get them; the next minute I remember Wednesdays are his day off.

One minute the secretary says, “He tried texting you. Should I tell him you will call him back?”; the next minute I walk over to my desk to check my phone.

One minute the text doesn’t make sense at all; the next minute I am walking to the office to talk to him on the phone.

One minute he is telling me that her iron is fine, but her blood sugar is high; the next minute the room is spinning and I am asking him, “What does this mean for my girl?”

One minute he is saying, “She has diabetes. I am at the hospital. I need you to come here now.”; the next minute I am trying to keep it together to get to my room and grab my purse, coat, and car keys.

One Lifetime of finger pokes before she eats.

One lifetime of finger pokes two hours after her insulin.

One lifetime of finger pokes if she feels “jittery” (low) or thirsty, angry, tired (high) to see her blood sugar level.

One lifetime of 2:00 am blood sugar checks.

One lifetime of sleepless nights.

One lifetime of 10-12 finger pokes a day.

One lifetime of insulin shots – one after each meal and one at bedtime.

One lifetime of constant worry.

One lifetime of being brave and strong even when you are only 10 years and 9 days old.

One year later . . .

I refuse to let March 21st be the worst day of her life forever, so today I took a personal day and we did what my sweet girl wanted to do (with one request from me).

I let her sleep in (which means eating a late breakfast so all her shots were off time-wise) until 10:45 am. Breakfast was a cake pop and chocolate milk at Starbucks. Off to the nail salon to get manicures, and then we headed downtown to spend the day in the city. Our first stop was to see my friend and her daughter at Rush Hospital – my request – (she is recovering remarkably well), then off to Cheesecake Factory for lunch (at 5:00 pm), then shopping at Water Tower Place. We closed the place up at 9:00 pm.

My girl loved her day with me, almost as much as I love my brave, strong, little girl!

Top Row (from left): Breakfast at Starbucks (not quite awake yet); Wide-eyed at Starbucks; Our nails look great!
Bottom Row (from left): Standing in front of “Squishable” a stuffed animal store at Water Tower; Scooped Cookie Dough for dessert; Tessa and her shopping (she wasn’t quite done, but the stores closed)!

Day 20: Sibling Love

I am cleaning up the kitchen, Tessa is making slime, John is playing Super Smash Bros, and Andrew is taking a shower.

I hear the water upstairs turn off. Not even two minutes later, I hear Andrew running down the stairs, “It burns, it burns, it burns!”

“What burns?” I ask nervously.

“My skin. It burns so bad.” Andrew has had extreme eczema since 2 months old. He grabs his steroid creams and the big white tub of Eucerin in hopes of calming his skin.

I hear a soothing buzzing sound and Tessa asking, “Does this feel better? Is this helping? Is this OK?”

“Oh, God, Tessie! Thank you! This is perfect. Oh my God, Tessie! Thank you!”

“It’s OK Drookie. I thought this would help.”

I walk into the family room to see Andrew in his underwear and Tessa is using a Super Wubble blower (it is used to blow up a huge bouncy ball) to blow cool air onto his skin to help cool it down.

They may not kiss or hug each other, they may call each other a$$h^!*, but deep down they love each other – – they just show it in different ways!

Day 19: What Would You Like?

Tessa is crafty! She likes to bake and decorate the cake and cupcakes. She makes slime. She paints canvases. She uses washi tape, glitter, glue, paints, beads, and anything else she can get her dad to buy her at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and sneak it into the house before I see it.

Every night the kids, and honestly Pete and I too, want something sweet to eat for dessert. Well, it’s not enough for Tessa to just ask us, “What do you want for dessert?” She needs to make a menu. The menu changes based on what is on-hand in the house.

Here is last night’s menu.

Dessert Menu for Dad, Mom, John (15), and Andrew (14)

Thankfully, the orders only consisted of ice cream and cookies.

Day 18 – Checklists (Kid Version)

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.

With this being the last week of school before spring break, my kids are already asking me, “Do we have plans for spring break?”

I give them the rundown of Monday needing to help at the church to make food for the homeless, and Tuesday night into Wednesday their little cousins are coming over for a sleepover.

“So nothing else the rest of the days?”

“Nope. That’s all I got planned, Of course there is always something that needs to be cleaned in the house. Closets, drawers, the office, the garage.”

“OK. Well Tessie, John, and I are going to make a list of things we want to do over spring break, and this time could we make sure we can check some things off because the last checklist didn’t have anything marked off. I know why, so I don’t need a lecture, but we are not showing you the list until Sunday night so you don’t try to talk us into changing any of it.”

And off he went to write the list with his sister and brother. I will have to wait until Sunday, March 24th to see it, unless I accidentally find it when I am looking for it tonight!

Day 17 – Being There for My Friend

Today’s post is late and short.

We are a group of 9 friends. One of my friends has a daughter who was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Today she needed her friends, so we were all there giving her support, letting her speak her fears that she can’t do in front of her daughter.

I told her that while we were pregnant, our biggest fear was delivering a healthy baby and everything after that would be easy. Never in a million years would I think that we would experience such heartache for our beautiful girls (more on my girl on 3-21-19). All we can do is be the best mom for our daughters and pray that everything will be OK.

Prayers for my sweet friend, for her sweet beautiful daughter, and for the entire surgical team performing the surgery.

I will be teaching tomorrow, but my heart and mind will be preoccupied!