Day 11: Too Young?

I am sitting next to Tessie as she is working on her social studies homework. Her homework is about her thinking she is 18, an adult, and living on her own. Where will she live? How much will that cost? What monthly expenses will she have? What will you do for food? What kind of budget do you need for your groceries and going out? What form of transportation will you use/need? How much will that cost?

I told her I had a Toyota Camry and i loved it, so that is the car she will have also. “OK. How much will that cost?”

“I will buy it for you.”

“How much will my monthly bills cost?”

“Tessie, tell Mrs. Thill that you are Greek and you will either live with me until you get married or I will pay everything for you. “

Seriously, isn’t 6th grade too young to give kids the stress of thinking about how they are going to support themselves?

6 thoughts on “Day 11: Too Young?

  1. This made me laugh tonight! I hope Tessie told her teacher what you said. It reminds me of the college assignment “design your perfect classroom”
    I can tell you it didn’t look anything like my classroom now, but it wasn’t based on reality either.

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