Day 19: Planning for Normalcy

The days are moving slowly along! When I ask for time to slow down, I don’t mean in the time of uncertainty. I want time to slow down when we are celebrating, laughing, and loving life together.

As I am looking to organize a little, I usually start with things that don’t really matter (don’t ask me why, I just do). So I started with the notes, schedules, pictures clipped to the refrigerator. Both of my boys made their high school volleyball teams just a few weeks ago. Their volleyball schedule is on the refrigerator. My oldest, John, was excited to make the team and doesn’t mind the practices, so he has been marking off each day it passes. My freshman, Andrew, although excited to make the team, was dreading practices during spring break, so as soon as school was cancelled, he crossed off the two weeks of cancellation and spring break.

“Could I throw out the March schedule?”

“No! As of right now school is cancelled until March 30th. March has 31 days,” John stated. “Oh and can you call to make an appointment for the orthodontist?”

“Um, not sure they are taking patients right now.”

“Just call and see.”

“OK. As of now, April 6th is the earliest they can see patients. They will let us know if they have to postpone it.”

“Can you call for haircuts, too?”

My kids are thinking, hoping, that normalcy will return soon. I am too, kids! I am too!

12 thoughts on “Day 19: Planning for Normalcy

  1. I am with you guys. I also miss normalcy… I miss seeing my students, friends/ colleagues, and extended family. It still really hasn’t set in the reality of what is coming. I am going to keep planning although at this point half of my March calendar is empty. Maybe we can have a virtual dinner? 🙂

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  2. I’m getting even more and more worried as the days pass. With Chicago canceling school until April 20th, Kansas the rest of the school year, and Indiana until May 1st along with State testing, I’m worried that I’m not going to get to see my students.

    Congrats on your boys making the volleyball teams. It’s nice to have athletes in the family.

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    1. I am worried too!

      Thanks, but unfortunately they only had a week of practice before all this happened and I doubt they will have much playing time when/if we go back! There’s always next year!


  3. It is really tough for things to be normal. I was just reading Cassie’s post about their virtual soccer practice. Get the boys into the garage and let them bump and set with each other. I am not sure if they are allowed to go to our gym, but that would be nice for them to get out and get some work in. Trying to feel normal.

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  4. We will get back to normal, but when and if it is the same normal we left a week ago is the question. My boys were out in the yard to bumping the volleyball the other day, they were missing tryouts this week. 😦

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  5. I agree! Normalcy is good! While this forced break has been nice and has forced us all to slow down. I was really hoping life would go back to normal after spring break. I am just hoping the seniors, the 8th graders, our 6th graders etc. will get back to school and have some of the normal events.
    I am not a fan of this open ended time….

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