Day 16: Being Responsible

Anyone available for coffee tonight? I can meet around 8.

Uh, oh! The texts are coming in from my girlfriends. I would love to go, but I need to get my classwork finished. I took 4 classes this round – one class is completely finished, one just needs me to write and turn-in my 1-page reflection, one is Slice of Life and I have been keeping up to date but it won’t be completed until March 31st, and the one I haven’t even started yet . . and it’s due by Friday.

Sorry, Girls. I just can’t do it tonight. I have after school book club with some students, a meeting for union presidents, and then I need to get my one class started.

OK. It’s just that we haven’t seen you in a few weeks. We miss you!

I miss you girls too. I hate having to be responsible!

Although I should have gotten this classwork completed weeks ago, I just didn’t have the motivation to plow through it and do it. But tonight I decided I better become a responsible adult and listen to the words I have told my students and my own children day after day, “If you just sat down and started the work, you would see that it wouldn’t take as long as it does to avoid it.”

One video and one reflection down, nine more to go.

I should be able to go on Thursday. By Thursday, I will definitely deserve a break!


5 thoughts on “Day 16: Being Responsible

  1. You inspire me! I’ve been painfully procrastinating on homework that I have dreaded starting; but, you are right. I need to be a grown up and put my priorities in order. I think I’m going to try to follow in your footsteps and do what I’d tell my children and students they always need to. Take the first step. Thanks for this post. It was hard to face the truth, but you are absolutely right! Wishing us both good luck!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I needed to “hear” it!

    ~Carla Michelle

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    1. Carla,

      There are many times I get so upset at myself because once I start on the “dreaded” task, I realize that it wasn’t difficult and it didn’t take as long as I anticipated. If I just START it isn’t so bad. One of these days I will learn that valuable lesson that I have taught my own children and students throughout the years. Good luck! ~Jenny


    1. Thanks! I need to get it done! I have donated plenty of money to the district in the form of paying for the IU courses, not completing them, so I drop them but it’s too late for a refund! I think that’s why the district can afford all those treats in February . . . you’re welcome! 😂


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