“FaceTime me later so I can say goodnight.”

It amazes me that when I need to be elsewhere other than home at bedtime, I have the option to FaceTime my kids (Tessa really) to say goodnight.

It makes me think of my parents with their parents and siblings. My parents left Greece when they were teenagers, moving to Canada for better opportunities, not knowing when they would be back home to see their parents. How different would it have been for them to be able to see their parents instead of having to wait years to see each other?

So tonight I will look forward to my FaceTime call with my daughter to say goodnight face to face and I will even kiss her! I wish my parents were able to see their parents every time they missed them to say goodnight.

10 thoughts on “Facetime

  1. FaceTime is such a special opportunity for us to connect with my family that is nearly 100 miles away from us. For a while, it was an adventure to get Cara to sit long enough to talk. (I did a similar post last year). I am curious how does one FaceTime on a flip phone…


  2. Facetime is a pretty amazing thing. It makes leaving your kids for a few days a little easier. I didn’t realize Facetime was an option on a flip phone!! Hope you are having a good time!


  3. I’m dying ☝🏼🤣. Even flip phones must be advancing these days! Nothing better than seeing your child’s face when you’re away. I often think about how different a military deployment is now and how you can still call or write, but why wouldn’t you FT to connect with those you love at home.

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  4. FaceTime is huge for our family that is nearly 100 miles away from us. The challenging part is to get Cara to sit still so we can actually have a conversation. (I also wrote a blog post about this last year). I too was curious how the flip phone could face time…


  5. As much as we may not like technology at times, it is awesome how it does allow us to feel close to the ones we love. Enjoy that moment!


  6. My relatives all live in England and Ireland, and we try to skype on Christmas but sometimes people are vacation or the day is so busy that there isn’t much time. Luckily, my grandma and most of my cousins/uncles etc are on Facebook! We communicate through comments and seeing pictures of everyone’s life. I look forward to visiting them this summer (first time in 10 years!) Glad you can speak to your daughter so freely 🙂

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