Slime . . . UGH!

Tessie loves slime, making it, playing with it, trading it with friends . . . UGH!

Lucky for her, Daddy loves her and her hobbies. He decided it would be a great idea to take her and her two cousins to a slime convention. Yes, a slime convention. Six hours of walking around and playing and smelling slime on a Saturday! I was excited to have a Saturday off . . .

And then Tessi came to me and begged me to come with to the slime convention. “Please! You don’t ever do any of the fun stuff I want to do.”

She is absolutely right because the fun stuff she wants to do involves slime, glitter, confetti, paint, markers. Anything that makes a mess is fun for her. Anything that makes a mess, gives me heart palpitations. So I went . . .

She was in heaven and I will never go again! One and Done!

7 thoughts on “Slime . . . UGH!

  1. Good for you for doing something out of your comfort zone! While allllll those things make me anxious as well, I have a feeling they are in this mama of a toddler’s near future.


  2. That was my experience when I had to go The American Girl store! The sacrifices we make as parents make for good memories. i love how you captured the essence of messy messy slime.


  3. Oh my gosh. My daughter would lose her mind at a slime convention! What a great mom you are. I love me some good slime, but a whole DAY of it?!?! No thank you!


  4. Slime is so messy and sticky! I definitely agree with you on that it is an awful creation. Good job for supporting your daughter, and now you shouldn’t have to do it again 🙂


  5. I am with you 100%. That stuff is in my carpet, stuck to walls, in doll’s hair. You name it, it is somewhere in this house. Argh!! (And look at you a day ahead!)


  6. This is so big of you! I’m sure there was lots and lots of glitter! I know you’ll do anything for that sweet girl of yours. I can’t imagine slime… I’m over here hating play dough


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