Like many people, I love checklists.

I love writing things down because honestly, I feel like I am less likely to forget everything that needs to get done. There are many times that I know I have a lot to do, but I sit there not knowing what I need to do, just that I know that I should be doing something!

I love marking things as I complete tasks. It gives me the sense that a lot has been accomplished, as if though I AM successful at something. I have been known to write things on the list that I have completed before the list was written just to give me the boost to keep going. Like a false hope that I can mark everything off the list like I just did the first few items. You know how the game shows start out with questions like, “How many sides does a square have? A) one B) twelve C) one million D) four” and the contestant is thinking, “I am totally walking out of here a millionaire!”

The problem is that I usually don’t have a lot to write down, it is just that the items written on the list take a very long time to complete (complete online course – which is a 16-week program) or they are things that are never ending (do laundry/pay bills/make dinner). So I have found that I should break them down and feel more accomplished as the little stuff gets done. . .

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