I love making plans because it gives me something to look forward to! This weekend was jam packed with plans. Friday night Tessie (my 11 year old daughter) and I attended a fashion show fundraiser, Saturday was my friend’s daughter’s Sweet 16th Birthday party, and tonight an adults-only dinner with my sisters and brother-in-laws.

Well, so much for the great plans! Late Friday night the achy bones and chills started. By Saturday morning the fever kicked in, so cancel the birthday party and tonight’s dinner.

But, I did have an outing that wasn’t planned. . . the ER! I went to Walgreens care to get tested for the flu, but while I was there my blood pressure was so low they could barely get a reading. Most likely from dehydration but they called an ambulance and off I went. Tests were run and all is well except for having the flu. Before I left I asked when can I go back to work and the doctor said anywhere from 5-10 days! Um, my goal is 3!!!

Off to write sub plans!


13 thoughts on “Plans

  1. I am amazed that could muster up such a detailed post with the flu. I hope you feel better really soon and take care of yourself.

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  2. Holy moly! I’m so sorry you’re going through this!! I hope you feel better soon! Sending lots of positivity and well wishes! ❤

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  3. Noooo! I am so sorry. I hate this for you as I just experienced this. You had to be fancy with an ambulance ride! Rest, rest, rest. You will think you are getting better but take it slow! It is crazy how much we take for granted feeling well and how much we accomplish in just two short days. Hang in there!

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  4. Oh no Jenny! I am so sorry. What a terrible year for all these sicknesses. I wish you 5-10 days of quiet, peaceful recovery… then again Mark will probably retire before you at this rate of sick days taken per year, so maybe aim for a Friday return! 🙂

    Let me know if you need anything! Seriously!

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  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry you’re so sick and that all your plans that you looked forward to got canceled. Hope you feel better soon!

    PS, last time I had the flu, I was out one full week. I think I got sick on Sunday and started to feel better Saturday. Hoping yours is no longer than that and maybe shorter!

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