Day 8: Time Change

Many people hate the time change. In the fall, although we gain an hour, it is dark when we wake up and dark when we leave work to head home. In the spring, we lose an hour of sleep, but we gain an hour of sunshine.

Looking at it from a selfish point of view, I don’t mind either one. I love gaining the hour of sleep on that Sunday morning in November. Right when I want to beat myself up for sleeping until 11:00 am, I realize it is only 10:00 am, but I then sit in bed reading a book or playing on my phone . . . wasting away that extra hour. Lost just as fast as it was found! In March, I love the extra hour of sunshine. Still daylight out at 6:30 pm! An extra hour of sunshine, is an extra hour of happiness, an extra hour before darkness and the stress of Monday morning start to settle into my mind.

But looking at this from a mom, I don’t like time changes. The kids stay up too late because although the clocks all say midnight, it only feels like 11! Tomorrow morning when I am trying to get my boys out of bed by 6:30, they will moan and whine, and complain that they are tired and “Why do we have to wake up so early?” Add in that one small hour also throws Tessie’s blood sugar numbers all out of whack. Last night her numbers stayed in the low 300s (as opposed to the much coveted low 100s). I am hoping within a few days her numbers and our bodies will adjust to the time change . . . . until we change the clocks again!

7 thoughts on “Day 8: Time Change

  1. I love your description of the pros of each time change., especially your description of staying up extra late in November (so relatable!) and the line “An extra hour of sunshine, is an extra hour of happiness”.

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  2. Definitely pros and cons. Having little kids I tried to prep ahead and adjust bed time and naps yesterday. So far so good. Hope things even out for your girl too.

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  3. Love your thoughts on “wasting” that extra hour and gaining an extra hour of happiness. I’m not stranger to the difficulties kids have with the adjustment, but I’ve never thought about how it impacts blood sugar. Hope things level out quickly for Tessie!

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  4. I hope things get better for Tessie soon!! I have heard that Illinois has been thinking of doing away with daylight savings time…..fingers crossed!


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