Day 9: Party Prep

Tessie turns 12 on Thursday, March 12th. It’s her Golden Birthday. So of course she wants a party. At home. So coming off of the flu, a weekend away to see my niece, and a full work-week, I am not quite sure how all the party prep will get done.

As she plans out the menu, searches for the perfect decorations, prepared the goody bags, and picks out her outfit, I am stressing over having the house clean enough for guests, grocery shopping and cooking for 45 people, as well as getting paperwork done, lesson planning, grading papers, laundry, and booking some needed appointments.

I feel awful that right now I am no where near as excited as Tessie is for this party, but as she shows me the decorations she bought today, and explains where she will put each one, I smile and nod. I want to be excited. . . . but I just know it won’t happen until everything is done and people start arriving on Saturday!

6 thoughts on “Day 9: Party Prep

  1. Your authentic slice gives me a sneak peak into your loving family. As a mom, all you want is for your daughter to be happy. Bottom line, Tessie will remember that you are there supporting her in her celebratory milestone, dusty house and all! Enjoy this weekend with family! And happy birthday to your daughter!


  2. You always seem to make it work and you make it look so easy! I know it isn’t and I know you will spend days juggling, the house may not be as clean as you would have liked, the work will still be there Monday, but Tessie’s golden birthday will never come around again. This will be a special weekend for both of you 🙂 Enjoy it!!


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