Day 17: Checklist? What Checklist?

On Friday I wrote a checklist of what I need to get completed while home. Well, I never took that checklist out of my bag because on Friday my bag went straight to the closet since I was preparing for a birthday party. I have been online checking in on my students and families through email and answering any questions they have about the work given to them. Today I needed to get the math packet assigned to answer a question for a student. As I pulled the packet out of my bag, the checklist stayed put.

Last night I was texting with a teacher in my children’s district and I shared with her how I had created a checklist with all the things I wanted to get complete and she said she had one too but got nothing done other than worry about the Coronavirus. I offered to text her in the morning to motivate her and myself to get something checked off our lists.

At 6:15 pm I texted her an apology for not reaching out to her to motivate her (and myself). I admitted that I did NOTHING today other than be online. She said her major accomplishments today was that she showered and got dressed. She two-upped me as I stuck my greasy hair in a ponytail and sat in my pajamas all day.

She was a genius! I decided that I need to get up and pretend like I am going to work (shower, get dressed, get ready for the day ahead of me, even if I will be home bound). Our last text was agreeing to send a before picture of what we are going to work on and then an after picture once done!

I am hoping this will motivate me to find that checklist!

7 thoughts on “Day 17: Checklist? What Checklist?

  1. It seems that the most I accomplish these days is the constant ‘worry’ about the Coronavirus. I think pretending to go to work is a fantastic idea . . . Taking before and after pictures though?! I couldn’t share the before picture with anyone . . .

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    1. Oh I am not sharing a before or after picture of myself! It’s going to be of the task I choose to work on. So, if it’s grading my math packets I will take a picture of the ungraded pile and later the pile that’s graded!

      I would not want anyone to see my before picture! My kids have been terrorized enough! LOL

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  2. I am sitting at my kitchen table. I feel like the last 2 days have been very busy getting my kids on programs and answering emails etc from our kids and their parents. I’m juggling all sorts of technology, which is not my strong suit.
    My goal is to do one thing off our to-do list everyday. Yesterday, Jessie dusted her room, Jax vacuumed downstairs and I put all the laundry away. Teamwork 🙂

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  3. Wise! I have gotten up, showered and dressed just like going to work. I did give myself a break on setting the alarm as early, since I can start working right away. The boys lists went well today, just need to refocus on mine!

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  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. In this unsettling time our normal flies out the window. You went on,one and helped others. That is an accomplishment.

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