Day 23: Spring Break

Day 1 of Spring Break for my kids came and went today. Usually they would be so depressed as each day passed because it was one day closer to going back to school. Today, there wasn’t any particular feeling.

John said, “It’s basically the same as last week, just no homework to do.”

Andrew said, “Yeah, that’s ok. We have all of next week too!”

Tessie said, “We got to spend so many days together already and we still have at least 2 weeks.”

Another positive of staying home is not dreading the days of spring break passing by quickly!

One thought on “Day 23: Spring Break

  1. I was just thinking about this for next week! Am I going to take them out on a drive? Maybe down to the city to see the lake from the car? Maybe to Lemont to drive up and down the hills and across the bridges? West to see the cornfields and plain fields? Towards Indiana to see the wind turbines? So many choices…right?

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