Day 26: Social Distancing – Not Followed By All

Every spring, we have visitors that come over, unannounced. We don’t want them, but they really don’t ask us. They just show up.

Well, this spring time is no different! They don’t ring the bell, they just walk right in, like they own the place. They aren’t following the social distancing rule. They aren’t keeping 6 feet apart. They aren’t even sticking to groups of 10 or less.

Spring is here and so are the little bitty uninvited and unwelcome ants!

9 thoughts on “Day 26: Social Distancing – Not Followed By All

  1. funny post! I like how you connected it to the 6 feet apart! ANTS make me nuts! Terro traps are the best! Give them a try!! Hope your visitors don’t stay too long!


  2. For us it is the river bugs… i’m sure they have an official name, I just don’t know what it is! I know it is safe to go back to the walking trail when my screens are no longer covered by these guys.


  3. What a great mask post! You could write it as a mask poem for 2nd grade they would love it. See how much I miss the kids! Enjoy your visitors. They may be the only ones for a while.


  4. We are having an ant invasion right now too. Mila even set a “trap” on the front porch with an orange in it. We have seen no ants in her trap but we’ve seen lines of them coming in through our front door and window.


  5. I had 2 awful springs when I moved in this house….ants all over the kitchen. I couldn’t take the constant cleaning. I didn’t want to use the sprays in the kitchen, there were so many and I couldn’t take it. At the beginning of my 3rd spring, I broke down. A guy from Greenix rang the doorbell at the perfect moment. Sold, contract signed, and fingers crossed!Three years later and not one ant. Definitely worth the money and pet and kid safe!


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