Day 30: Acceptance

I have not gotten a new coupon for Dick’s Sporting Goods. I know because I check my email throughout the day. I know because even though I may have just checked my email, I check each of the dozen times John asks me to check my email for a coupon.

John is my boy that can’t “let things go”. His sister is 4 years younger than him, and he couldn’t let it go that he had to put the toys away, even the baby’s, and she didn’t help. At that time, she was not even walking yet.

He couldn’t let it go that he had to go to school all day (1st grade) and his brother only had to go half day (Kindergarten). He also wanted the baby to come with him to Yiayia Nancy’s house (even though he was at school all day) because it wasn’t fair that Andrew had the baby with him at the other Yiayia’s house. He couldn’t let it go until my mother-in-law took her twice a week. But when she was there, he didn’t even pay any attention to her.

John is the kid that couldn’t let it go that when he was in 1st grade he started the year reading at F&P level C (on grade level), but his brother started 1st grade at level H. He asked him questions nonstop. “Did you just pick a book by yourself? The teacher is supposed to tell you where to get the book from. Who did you read for? Was it a mom who maybe gave you the wrong test? Did you read for the teacher? Did she give you the wrong box? You are supposed to start at level C, why are you at H?”

John is the kid that has asked me for the ping pong table. He is the kid that continues to ask for the ping pong table. Andrew is the kid that looks at him and says, “Dude, are you stupid? Just shut up!”

But John can’t let it go! So today he announced loudly, “Well since mom didn’t get online to order the table on Wednesday, you know before the coupon expired, and we are waiting for a new coupon – which did you check your email in case you got one? We can play like this. See mom, I have a book in my hand!”

Andrew looks at him, rolls his eyes, and tells him, “Dude, let it f^&%$n go!”

John can’t let it go! We don’t have a ping pong table . . . YET!
John using my library book for a paddle.
Andrew and John playing ping pong!

7 thoughts on “Day 30: Acceptance

  1. This makes me laugh. I love the stories you tell about John. I love the first paragraph, which made me laugh even before I read the rest of the story, and I loved how you circled back around to it at the end. The repetition gives the piece a sense of building to the climax of the joke. So fun!

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  2. I thought of you today as I ordered a basketball hoop for the trampoline from Dick’s and I was frustrated that I didn’t have a coupon! Free shipping though, so I figured that balanced it 🙂

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  3. Too funny. My sister is the same way, we call her the “dog with a bone.” Just won’t let it go. I enjoyed your stories and your comments. I miss you!

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