Day 5: Plans vs Reality

Not everything goes according to plan.

Plans: Leave work right at 3:30 pm.

Reality: I stopped by my “old” teaching partner to catch up and another “old” friend came by to talk.

Plans: Stop at the post office to send a package.

Reality: I forgot I had the package in my car and by the time I remembered it, I was too lazy to pull out of the driveway to head to the post office.

Plans: Pay bills and go through all of the paperwork I’ve been putting off.

Reality: My mother-in-law was over baking with Tessie so she stayed for a while and we were catching up.

Plans: Work on my blog, comment, work on my book club assignment.

Reality: Passed out on the couch from 6:00 – 7:45 pm.

Plans: Go out to have a nice dinner with Pete and the kids.

Reality: Pete and Andrew went to buy shoes and ate Meatheads (since we were all sleeping), Tessie ate leftovers from Yiayia, John ate at bowling, I’m warming leftovers to eat (at 10:20 pm).

Plans: Go to my mom’s on Sunday so we can spend the day with Pete on Saturday (a rare day off).

Reality: Go to my mom’s on Saturday because Pete is not taking the day off.

Let’s see if the rest of my weekends go according to plans!


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