Day 9: From Baking to Cooking

Tessa, my 12 year old daughter, loves to bake. She has been baking for a few years now. I signed her up for a baking class over the Summer of 2018 at a bakery. The baker showed them how to frost sugar cookies, and make and decorate cupcakes and a 3-tier cake. She absolutely loved this class, made all that much better because her cousin/BFF Franny was with her.

Franny and Tessie enjoy baking together every chance they get. They decided to call their “company” Fancy Treats (F for Franny and T for Tessie). They were hired by my cousin to make Harry Potter red velvet cupcakes and my parents’ 50th Anniversary cakes, as well as baking cheesecakes, cookies, and cakes for family gatherings. Excited is an understatement.

Well, when the pandemic hit, the gatherings stopped, but her baking did not. I tried to broach the subject carefully. “Hey Tess, we really don’t need to be making desserts every night.”

“I know! It’s because I have diabetes.”

I knew that’s where her mind was going to go. “No, it’s because it’s not healthy for any of us. Have we ever had dessert every single day?”

“No, I guess not,” she looked defeated.

“But, we do need to eat dinner every single night.”

Her face lit up. She grabbed her computer and began looking up recipes. Over the last year she has made chicken piccata, chicken parmigiana, penne pasta with peppers and italian sausage, beeftekia (Greek hamburgers), filets with peppercorn sauce and blue cheese crusts, along with many desserts.

Tonight, we are making chicken piccata, angel hair pasta, and garlic bread. We are both so excited to cook together again.


9 thoughts on “Day 9: From Baking to Cooking

  1. I can’t believe how good she is at cooking! That’s amazing… if you ever need a taste tester, let me know!! 🙂


  2. Wow! What a go getter! And, resiliant and flexible, too. I like the idea of transferring skills for a positive purpose. I need to think about how I can do that with video games. Although, my son is in robotics and drives the robot, so I guess that he transferred some of his video game skills after all!


  3. Nice transition you made from cooking to baking mom! I’m sure she’s learning valuable life skills… like cooking for your two older brothers in exchange for something she wants!


  4. I love that you and Tessie cook together. I wish I loved to cook, but I don’t. If you ever have too many leftovers feel free to send them our way 🙂


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