Day 13: Laughter-Filled Day

Although I should have been getting ready for Tessie’s party, I had to watch John’s last bowling tournament for the year. With all the safety protocols in place, parents were not allowed to attend the tournament so the coach used Facebook Live to allow us to watch our boys play.

John was named Co-Captain of the team because he was always staying positive and always looking for ways to improve. The coach felt he was a great role model for the rest of the team. Well today I got to see that side of him. After each player’s turn John congratulated them on a good frame, fist bumped them, and always encouraged them to keep going. Every time he got a strike or a spare he would shout Let’s go Baby! He would joke with the coach, look at the camera, and make goofy faces. At the end of the tournament the coach told the boys to thank their fans. The boys were busy packing up their belongings so no one showed up . . . except John. He popped up on the screen smiled and in a little kid voice said Hi Mommy! Thank you for watching me bowl with my friends today. I love you! I couldn’t stop laughing with my boy’s easy going personality that everyone loves.

Fast-forward to Tessie’s birthday party with my mom and sisters and the laughter continued between us adults remembering stories about my dad. I think this is one of the first times in the past 2 years since my dad passed away that I can talk about him and not break down crying. It felt good to to talk about him and truly laugh.

Throughout the night, my kids and my nieces and nephew talked and laughed and had a blast hanging out all together. Watching them and listening to them made me so happy.

This laughter-filled day filled my heart with love and gratitude.

5 thoughts on “Day 13: Laughter-Filled Day

  1. Everyone needs a John on their team! I love his goofy, humor. Seems like he will keep you on your toes and family dinners will always be fun with him around.


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