Day 22: Deadlines Everywhere

Everywhere I look, there are deadlines looming.

At work, a Friday deadline to take my 5 Essentials Survey, write my lesson plans, give feedback on work turned in, put away books from our most recent book club, and have my classroom ready to welcome everyone back from spring break.

At home, deadlines to gather paperwork to file taxes, take my son for some practice drives before his driving test, and complete paperwork for my high school junior.

At school, a deadline to get through all the lessons, administer standards mastery checks, and collect materials given back in August by Friday, so we can all go to spring break with a clean slate.

With spring break just 4 days away and so many people wishing for the days to fly by, I am afraid their wishes will be granted and my wish of slowing down time will be ignored.


2 thoughts on “Day 22: Deadlines Everywhere

  1. I am feeling the weight of such deadlines, and I have concluded that “very soon,” I need to make a deadline of giving myself a break! So overwhelming…sigh. What I wouldn’t give to just catch my breath. Thank you for reminding me I am not alone! ~Carla Michelle


  2. I love Carla’s comment of needing a deadline to give yourself a break! Do what HAS to be done, some of it can wait! Hopefully, by Friday afternoon you will feel a bit better!


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