Day 25: Excitement

The end is near! We are down to one day with each hybrid group. I am down to 2 teaching days. My kids are down to 2 more days of learning. 

Then we welcome spring break! A week of no alarm clocks, no schedules, no work. A week of sleeping in, lunches out, hanging out with cousins. 

I have tasked each of my three children to come up with one thing they want to do over spring break. We have learned from our past mistakes of not having any plans in place. I would let them sleep in and they would take full advantage of that and wake up after noon, but then they needed some time to fully wake up and by then the day was almost over. We would find ourselves on the last day of spring break annoyed that we really “didn’t do anything”. So this year, we need somewhat of a plan.

My plan is to limit my technology use, read some books I didn’t get to over winter break, lunches/dinners out and relax. I can’t wait to see what my kids’ plan for spring break looks like!

8 thoughts on “Day 25: Excitement

  1. Good call on making plans.. reminds me of early summer when you think you have time for it all and then the next thing you know it’s August and you didn’t do any of it!!
    Have a great break!! One more day!!!

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  2. I’ve never been more excited for a spring break! I plan to catch up on letter writing and I think I will make some reading plans. And I will try to accomplish one small project around the house and a bit of cleaning. But mostly I plan to rest, relax, and enjoy!

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