Day 25: Break = Work

Although it is Day 1 of spring break for me and the kids I went into work to lesson plan with my grade level partner. We were supposed to meet at 9:00 am so I put my alarm on for 6. I snoozed until 7. I then decided to turn off the alarm and read some of my book. I read until 8 and closed my eyes for a little longer. Woke up at 9, texted my partner, “Um, running late, I will be there closer to 10.”

She responds, “Running late too. Hoping to leave by 9:30. That’s why we work so well together. No one is waiting on the other.”

So 9:00 am, I jump in the shower. and leave at 10. When I get there at 10:30 I see her just putting her bags down. Perfect timing.

Lesson planning, talking, copying done by 1:30 so we decided to reward ourselves with a glass of wine and lunch and to catch up with our personal lives since we are always talking school.

Although I was productive during the early hours of the day (yes 10:30 am IS early), the rest of the evening was not at all productive. I made a few stops after lunch and got home at 6:00 pm, went upstairs to change, and never came down. I grabbed the iPad, played some games, checked emails, looked at Facebook, and read some more.

I don’t want to overwork myself. It is spring break after all!

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