Day 28: Overwhelmed

Today I feel overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by the amount of work I still need to do.

Overwhelmed by the lack of motivation to get it all done.

Overwhelmed with things I need to do for my dad, that I used to do with my dad [paperwork, bills, go to the shopping center he owns (owned)].

Overwhelmed with having to talk to doctors and insurance companies about life-saving insulin.

Overwhelmed with guilt that I have not gone to see my mom as often as I would when my dad was alive.

Overwhelmed with the love and support I have gotten from my husband and all 3 kids.

Tomorrow is a new day!

3 thoughts on “Day 28: Overwhelmed

  1. I know you don’t need the reminder, but often, ADULTING SUCKS. Your list is daunting but you are nothing short of amazing and strong and you will find a way. Because there’s no other alternative.

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  2. You can make it through! It can be tough at times not to be stressed and full of regret. Your family knows you love them and they are all their to support you. Venting through writing is also a great way to destress. I like the ending of tomorrow is a new day – it shows that you can simply move on now 🙂

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