Day 3: Boys vs Girl (Texting)

Texts to me on Sunday (day of my ER visit):

Boy 1: (While I am at the hospital, hooked up to an IV – the same one that drove me to Walgreens and saw the ambulance take me to the ER): “You don’t have to take me to the bowling party for my coach. So don’t worry about it. You don’t have to rush home or anything.”

Girl: Hi Mama! I love you! I miss you! Get better soon.

Boy 2: Do you know when dad will be home? Like is he staying there the whole time with you?

Girl: “I have a surprise for you when you get home. I hope you are starting to feel better.”

Boy 1: “Will you be late? We wondering if we could do something when you get home. you don’t have to, but with dad.”

I come home at 5 something. My daughter’s surprise is that she has cleaned the entire kitchen and family room and did some laundry since I wasn’t feeling good and I should rest.

Boy 2 comes upstairs at 7:00 pm and asks, “What’s for dinner because you know it’s 7?”

I respond, “How about you ask dad or your siblings and figure it out. order a pizza or something.”

Boy 2: “OK. Well dad is taking a nap and I didn’t want to bother him.”

Girl: “Don’t worry guys, I will make dinner. Cheese sticks, bagel bites, mac and cheese? Anything else?”

I sure am thankful I had a third kid! Someone will take care of me in my old age!

11 thoughts on “Day 3: Boys vs Girl (Texting)

  1. Oh man this is so funny! I laughed at this for sure. You make me nervous to have kiddos, boys especially! Hope you are feeling better.

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  2. Oh Jenny, I hope you are feeling better! This made me laugh. I thought about how much I your humor gets you through some of life’s tough times. I think that is one of many things we have in common. Feel better my friend! Let me know if I can help in any way!!


  3. At first read, I am thinking are you alright?! At second read, I can’t help but laugh at the total opposite conversations being had. My mom once was sick and sitting on the floor of the kitchen, while on the phone with me who was away at college, and my brother just stepped over her saying he was late for work! I will never forget her saying at least I have your sister. We are just wired differently! I hope you are feeling better now.


  4. “Don’t rush home or anything…” Hysterical! What you didn’t include were your responses back 🙂 And thank goodness you had a third!

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