Day 14: Extra

Today was Tessie’s Birthday Party! She has been called “EXTRA” by my nieces because she always goes above and beyond, and today was no exception!

Since this was her Golden Birthday she wanted gold decorations. Gold fringe to cover the entrance to the sunroom from the family room, gold tassels hanging on the fireplace, a gold banner that says “Celebrate” hanging in the foyer, balloons with gold dots, gold silverware, and even a string of gold lights on the staircase.

We had some unfortunate things to deal with . . . the cake said “Happy Birthday Pessie” so we had to change the P to T without ruining the cake or the frosting, my mom had a runny nose (she was 98% sure it’s just allergies but didn’t want to take the chance that it was something more and she would get the kids sick), some of our guests couldn’t make it because the kids had an upset stomach and another had a fever, but we plan on getting together once everyone is feeling better and social distancing is no longer necessary.

A wonderful day celebrating my sweet girl!


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