Day 15: Various Thoughts

  • As my kids woke up at noon today – Day 1 of “Social Distancing”, John asked what our plans are for today. I looked him dead on and said, “These next few weeks I will take you driving to fulfill your practice hours, you can read a book, we will deep clean EVERY room in the house, you will do your e-learning while I am working with my students for e-learning, you can play video games, you can play inside or outside with your siblings, and you can eat, shit, and sleep. My goal is to keep you all as healthy as possible, not to entertain you.”
  • To my friends through text: “I would have loved to meet you girls for a last coffee night before the restaurants close. I just wish I knew this before I told my kids that we weren’t going anywhere for the next few weeks. Sorry.”
  • I really need to think things through before I speak.
  • There really isn’t anything to eat in the house (as I open the refrigerator and leftover food from yesterdays party is falling out).
  • UGH! They are closing restaurants! Pete will be so stressed out when he comes home from the restaurant.
  • It’s Sunday but I am not feeling the stress of Monday’s workday.
  • “Guys no school tomorrow!! You get one more day to sleep in late, but I need to be online by 8:30.”
  • It feels odd that the superintendent is calling ME to talk to ME about next steps. Dude, you know better than I do what needs to get done, but sure I can give you my thoughts.”
  • “I am going to Jewel. Who wants to come with me?”
  • It’s been a long time since I have gone grocery shopping with all three kids. I remember why. “Stop fighting because I will find a blind spot in the security cameras and I will beat all three of you!” They all start to laugh.
  • “Even though we just spent $500, I don’t feel like cooking. What do you want from McDonald’s?”
  • Day 1 wasn’t so bad. Twenty more days to go . . .

One thought on “Day 15: Various Thoughts

  1. Sounds like you found a way to be busy without needing to have plans and you are brave to take all three to the store!! 🙂


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